December as an artist ArtbyMyleslaurence

December as an artist

The last couple of weeks have fortunately been very busy indeed. Unfortunately for two of them I have been suffering from Covid, but finally getting over it now and have tested negative today. Its been tough finding family members available for doing my postage of sales, but I'm back out and able to do it.

My Dad watches a lot of the Monte Carlo Rallies from the mid 20th century so I wanted to do a painting of one of the cars fro him.

the first was the Lancia Aurelia Gt 2500. I couldnt find a white one like they used inthe rallies so painted a black one:

I'm fairly happy with it, but when I showed him an image he didnt recognise it, so back to the drawing board!

The second one that I did, I completed today, its a Jaguar Mk7:

I ended up going to his house and looking at the youtube videos that he's been watching . Look like I'm about 10 years too early, Hes been watching the rallies from the sixties. I'll be taking a look tomorrow to see what cars I can do from that period.

I have decided to remove all my Tee Shirts from my Etsy store, there is so little profit in them by the time I have paid Etsy and printify that they are too expensive. I am keeping them on my website for now as I dont have the huge fees that Etsy charges on there.

I have also painted a boxer dog from Unsplash to enter into our local community based competition. Its nice to support the local artists cooperative that does it every year.

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