how do you paint a car?

how do you paint a car?

I sell car prints and mugs here and had a request from someone about a TVR Chimaera. I do a TVR Tuscan which caught her eye

She wanted a mug rather than a print and the mugs are made from paintings that take quite a while to do. Considering that I only make a few pounds on each mug, I told her that it woudnt be worth my while.

After thinking about it for a while I realised that it would be worth doing a painting of the chimaera for prints anyway.

After doing the lines I filled in the body colour in a middle colour, not the darkest or lightest. With watercolour you are normally meant to work from light to dark but i find that with good quality paint you can lift out colour to reveal the white or lighter paper beneath.


After that it was time for detail:

Then the final detail to finish it:

When I sent her a photo and made a listing of it she decided to buy an a4 print.

I asked her what the registration number was and put that on the car as well as the mug.

She was thrilled, it doesnt take long to put a reg number on in photoshop and make it look painted in.

This is the mug:

I havent included the number in this blog for obvious reasons.

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