November 22nd a week as an artist. ArtbyMyleslaurence

November 22nd a week as an artist.

It is now coming up to xmas 2022 and sales have been idling along all year but now its getting very busy.

It is now that customers get in touch for commissions of cars for partners and relatives. Sometimes people want a print of a certain type of car or bike but not an original painting. If i think that the print may sell more than one then I will do a request and paint an original to do prints from.

This week I have had requests for a Black Mazda Miata Mk3 

mazda miata watercolour

It doesnt look like what they were asking for as they have not gone ahead and ordered one, but occasionally you have to shrug and move on, its all stock and its all painting practice.

I have also had a request for a black Indian Chieftain which I finished yesterday:


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