Painting Horses This week

Painting Horses This week

The most popular paintings that I sell are always cars and motorcycles. The next most popular are horses and racing paintings. The most popular of these is "Race to The Finish":

This Month I decided to do a couple more, although it baffles me why some are more popular than others.

This one "The final Bend" I decided I wanted to get a feeling of distance so the horses behind, faded slightly and tried to narrow the tonal range used for them:

I always try to let the water do its thing and wash the paint down the paper the same way as I do with the cars abd bikes. Its also quite nice to see the pencil outlines of the lower legs and feet in the finished painting, it shows that you can draw them, you just dont want them painted in!

The one I painted this week was this one:

I often use or for horse images as I dont have access to a racecourse and their images are free to use.

I usually change things, leave things out etc. In this painting I chnged the jockey's clothes and helmet and added goggles to make him look more jockey-like.The original image by Midea

The loose way that I paint the faces is intentional, by leaving them blank and vague, they are not about specific people.

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