Today was sculpture day.

Today was sculpture day.

Today I copied the prototype seahorse that I made form cutlery at the beginning of the week. I am in a gallery in Mumbles (West Wales uk) and I make small sculptures fro them to sell, theyre priced quite low and I normally spend a couple of hours making 4 or 5 at once.

So far I have made Dragonfly forks:

Each one is made from a couple of cutlery handles welded onto a fork that has been twisted into the right shape.

I have made hermit crabs:

These seem to sell quite well, theyre made from forks.

The sea horses today have been very hard work:

Each one is heated up with a plumbers blowtorch and bent into shape to match the prototype (on the right).

The time consuming and fiddly part was adding sea glass into it and getting them pinned in with weld without the glass falling out or cracking.

Theyre mounted on soup spoons.

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