What watercolour brushes should I use?

What watercolour brushes should I use?

Here I will tell you about the brushes I use to get the effects that you see in my paintings.

I use three brushes, 1 large size 10, one medium size 6 and one fine detail size 0.

They are all winsor and newton brushes, th esize 10 is a synthetic sable that I use for flooding the paper or washes, or to create the paint spreading effect that I get which you can see here:

You can get this brush here: 


The next brush I use is a winsor and newton professional sable size 6. I find that unfortunately for a brush that gets as much use as this, the synthetic ones just dont last long enough. This is the pretty much do anything brush apart from the finest detail. You can get one of these here:


The final brush that I use is a size 0. these are good for doing what Joseph Zbukvic calls the "Jewellery" at the end of the painting, the fine stuff for the eye to explore. You can get these here: 



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